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The OUD earrings ð“†ƒ are inspired by the soft shapes found in Nature.


The posts and backs are in 9ct gold. The front pieceis handmade with reclaimed bronze in a golden shade. All shapes will be unique to the individual piece as they are sculpted by hand. 

Oud · Earrings

980,00 krPrice
VAT Included
  • Rosa & Linde is a small artisan business offering sustainably handmade adornments inspired by the elements of Mother Earth and with roots in the art of slowing down. 

    Being still and mindful, taking the time to listen, is perhaps one of the most important responsibilities we as humans have. This is a time where we can no longer ignore our impact on the environment, and every one person has the choice and ability to do something. By supporting small businesses and choosing to wear your morals, you are already a part of making a great change.

    All Rosa & Linde pieces are made in ceremony. With intentions of creating something timeless and lasting. Something raw yet refined. Golden and warm earthy tones meet in wood and metal. A hard earthen element becomes soft and smooth in hand sculpted shapes. Made to be worn and loved. To become a part of stories and memories.