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Kinfill's kitchen cleaner makes any kitchen surface spotless and squeaky clean, whether you're scrubbing stainless steel or a marble countertop. The starter kit includes a glass spray bottle and a separate tube of cucumber-scented cleaner concentrate.


Choose between 3 fragrances:


Pine Husk is a timeless fragrance

The concoction of pine, spruce, and fir trees produce terpenes – powerful compounds that give these conifers their distinctive and refreshing scent.

- Top notes : Cypress

- Heart notes: Fir Needle

- Base notes: Japanese Pine


Naranja No 55: Citrus Fragrance

- Top notes: sweet orange, bergamot, pink grapefruit, ginger

- Heart notes: pink pepper, cinnamon, neroli, lily of the valley

- Base notes: white chocolate


Cucumis: Fruity Fragrance

Energetic, cool & refreshing

- Top notes: cucumber, green mandarin

- Heart notes: Galia melon, violet, pear, jasmine, freesia,

- Base notes: Orris


With an absolute commitment to sustainability and transparency, kinfill´s pine scent is responsibly sourced with ingredients that are good for you and the Earth.



Kinfill´s clean fragrance formulations combine nature’s ancient elements with the innovation of green science to create sophisticated fragrances.

Each scent will imbue a unique charm to your space, provide aromatherapeutic benefits for users of your space, and is extracted from the highest quality of natural botanical roots. Their fragrances are blended from natural ingredients and conform to the Ecocert and Ecolabel standards.



Kinfill Kitchen Cleaner starter kit

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