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This exfoliating artisanal soap gently renews and nurtures your skin. 

Natural clay granules mildly remove dead skin cells, impurities, and excess oils while rosemary essential oil has a hydrating and toning effect.

The herbal aromas of rosemary relax the mind.

We recommend using it once a week on your body. For the fine skin on your face, it might be too rough.

Size: 100gr

Exfoliating Rosemary & Clay Soap

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  • All tautanz soaps are handmade by experienced pharmacists in Portugal using an artisan cold-press method. This process preserves the properties of raw materials and is the most traditional and sustainable way of producing soaps.

    They are all-natural, ph-balanced with no artificial perfumes, preservatives, or added colors.

    To ensure premium quality and support local producers, the ingredients for our natural soaps are sourced in the heart of Portugal.

    This soap is vegan.