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The Moments Shop welcomes Booming Bob

Philosophy Booming Bob is built on values of sustainability, from cultivation to end product. They constantly strive to reduce the climate footprint through concrete measures. They don’t use ingredients that have a negative impact on the planet, such as palm oil. The ingredients they use come from organic farms that meet extensive environmental requirements. Booming Bob continuously follow their producers' environmental work, which includes the use of renewable energy from solar cells. They minimize their use of plastic and the one they do use is completely or partly made of recycled material. In addition, it is 100% recyclable - and so are the glass bottles. The outer packaging consists of 100% recycled paper.

Why use oil?

Our skin needs both moisture and fat to be healthy. Generally, the skin needs about 70% moisture and 30% fat. An oil protects the skin from external stress and helps maintain a healthy moisture level.

Did you know that water is one of the most common ingredients in skincare? Sometimes it’s necessary to add, to activate other ingredients, but unfortunately it is also used as a filler. This leaves less room for the potent ingredients that actually makes a difference to the skin. Water also means that bacteria thrive better, which makes it necessary to add preservatives.

Undiluted skincare

Booming Bob's oils are natural, clean, and undiluted. Water is never used, only oils, waxes, and extracts. To ensure that our mixed oils have a long shelf life, organic rosemary extract and natural vitamin E are added. All ingredients are listed on the front of the packaging, and on the side there is a guide with useful information about the properties of each oil and how to use them.

Do you already use oils?

Carrier Oils

Carrier oils have got their name as they transport essential oils, which should never be used undiluted on the skin. Carrier oils are also known as base oils and are commonly used just as they are, for their softening and protective properties. They are usually extracted from nuts, seeds, and grains.

Carrier oils have different properties and are chosen primarily from degree of dryness, fatty acid profile, absorption, and skin type. To that, you may want to take factors such as vitamin and antioxidant content in consideration, which vary depending on which nut, seed etc. the oil is extracted from. Mix two or more carrier oils to customize the oil to your own skin.

Degrees of dryness

Oils have different degrees of dryness, roughly divided into dry, semi-dry, and oily. The degree of dryness depends on the oil’s fatty acid profile, i.e. the distribution between saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. An oil with a rich content of saturated fat (such as coconut oil) is fatter and can even have a firm consistency. The drier an oil is, the faster it is generally absorbed by the skin.

Mixed Oils

Booming Bob´s mixed oils are formulated to suit a certain skin type and purpose. They consist of a blend of carrier oils, essential oils, and natural extracts, selected for their unique properties to create a complete oil for those who do not wish to mix their own. When building a mixed oil, factors such as fatty acid profile, antioxidants, vitamins, degree of dryness, and absorption are taken into consideration.


When oils are stored properly, they usually stay perfectly fresh considerably longer than their expiration date. Booming Bob's oils are tapped on dark glass bottles, protecting them from the light that could otherwise cause the oil to oxidize faster. The oils should be stored dark and cool, or in normal room temperature.

I hope you enjoyed this little read.

I wish you lots of nice moments using Booming Bob oils.



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