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Good for you and the environment.

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Eco- friendly bath essentials

Tautanz creates all-natural bath essentials that ensure lush comfort while supporting the well-being of you and the environment.

Marble coffee table

tautanz was born out of the desire for eco-friendly goods with a modern and elegant aesthetic.

While travelling around the globe, founder Isabel Theissen was inspired to explore soap bars and natural linen as more sustainable and luxurious alternatives for self-care products.

Based near Porto at the time, she connected with local manufacturers who still honour artisan craftsmanship to develop a line of luxurious, all-natural bath essentials.

tautanz is a fictional German word (tau = dew | tanz = dance), describing a pure and joyful moment of dew drops dancing on the grass in the early morning hours.

Enjoy your moments with tautanz.



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